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Columbus Medical Alert Systems

Emergency Medical Alert Systems

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Nationwide Coverage

Are You Looking for Emergency Medical Alert Companies?

3rd Act Medical Alerts is a leading medical alert company with nationwide coverage. If you’re interested in purchasing reliable alert systems with national coverage for yourself or a loved one, review our website and give us a call to learn more about our emergency medical alert devices for seniors!

We provide seniors with a emergency notification equipment for their home. The devices are designed to alert emergency personnel in the event that the senior has fallen or is experiencing an accident that calls for a prompt response.


We offer a variety of emergency response devices for seniors, including necklaces, bracelets, and watches.


We provide services for anyone located in the United States.

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At Home and Wearable Medical Alert Systems That Fit Your Active Lifestyle

Senior Citizen With Family


Many seniors citizens are at risk of falls and accidents. We want to help you live life to the fullest. Our goal is to keep you and your loved ones safe, and give you peace of mind. Call us today for more information about how we provide the best medical alert devices for seniors.

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Emergency Alert Vehicles

How Do Medical Alert Systems Work In 4 Simple Steps:

The user presses the pendant or portable emergency fall button

The User's information and location are sent to an emergency services operator

The u.s. based operator establishes a 2-way communication with the user and assesses the situation

The operator contacts a neighbor, family member, or emergency services based on the specific need


A true on the go device with multi-mode location GPS accuracy.


In home unit with a water proof pendant included. Add-on compatible.


At home or away with a push of the button, get help when you need it.


A wide variety of add-on equipment for the peace of mind you need to feel safe.

  • Who should have a medical alert system?
    A 3rd Act medical alert is for all people that may need medical help at home and while on the go. Our alerts systems are for all ages. We service Seniors and others with chronic medical conditions, like, but not limited to diabetes, heart disease, those that suffer strokes, Alzheimer’s disease, or seizures to name just a few. If you live alone or spend time alone, you should consider a medical alert system. 3rd Act Medical Alerts offers a variety of systems to meet every need.
  • How do I call for help?
    Press your neck pendant for two seconds, and you will get a live 3rd Act Emergency Operator on the line. They will establish your location and assess the situation.
  • How does a medical alert system provide more reliability than a cell phone?
    3rd Act Medical Alerts System is better than a cell phone in emergencies.We can find you in an emergency. Many of us experience times in which our smartphone battery is not fully charged. Some Smartphones require face ID to open them, which isn't optimal in the event of an emergency. Also what if the digital voice assistant (i.e. Siri or Alexa) doesn't understand that you need help? Don't get us wrong cell phones are great to have but not always the best option in the event of a medical emergency. At 3rd Act with a press of The Button, a live attendant located in the U.S. will answer. There is two-way communication to understand your emergency and what you need. We can locate you through GPS. The Emergency Response team can also contact a caregiver, family member, or emergency squad.
  • Does 3rd Act Medical Alerts work outside of the home?
    Absolutely. Our alerts operate nationwide on the AT&T cellular network. *Service availability and access/coverage on the AT&T network is not available everywhere and at all times.
  • Does 3rd Act Medical Alerts service areas outside of Columbus, Ohio?"
    Yes. 3rd Act is a national provider of medical alerts and provide coverage throughout the U.S. We are located in Central Ohio and started with focus on Ohio cities such as, but not limited to, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Dayton and all the surrounding areas throughout Ohio. However, we ship to and support anyone in any area throughout the United States. Our customer service team will take the time to ensure that our subscribers are knowledgeable and have the tools that they need to be safe.
  • Does 3rd Act Medical Alerts offer an online mapping service, so family members can know where I am at any given time?"
    Yes, as a subscriber, you can provide your family members, care-givers, neighbors, and/or loved-ones with access to our mobile app. They would be able to log into the portal and locate your medical alert. We also provide any of your responders with email and text message alerts on button presses and also reminders about when your battery is low.
  • Do I have to sign a wireless service contract?
    No. There are no contracts and mobile service on the AT&T cellular network is included with your monitoring plan.
  • Will my Classic Base Station work if I lose power at my home?
    Yes. In the event of a power outage, the Classic Base Station will continue to work for approximately 30 hours.
  • Do you provide an emergency button for a wall or tabletop?
    Yes. We do provide wall buttons that are great to be in and around the shower for added protection. The Classic Base Station can have up to 16 variations of buttons and the solo can have up to five paired buttons.
  • Do I need my mobile medical alert device when I leave my home?
    Yes. The Solo and Micro are designed for you to wear in or outside the home or when traveling anywhere in the U.S. You can wear your pendant for peace of mind, so help will be there at the press of the button.
  • What happens if I push my Help Button but cannot get to the Solo mobile device?
    If you push your Help Button, you stay where you are. An Emergency Operator will attempt to communicate with you through your Mobile Device. If you are not heard, we will assume it is an emergency and notify Emergency Response on your behalf.
  • What happens if I push the button, but I can’t speak?"
    If you are unable to speak or be heard, we will assume it is an emergency and notify Emergency Response on your behalf. We will also notify the personal contacts listed on your profile.
  • How will an Emergency Response team get into my home?
    Rescue personnel follow different protocols and procedures. If there is an emergency, they will do what they need to do to get to you to help you, even if it means damaging or breaking down your door. We recommend that you purchase a lock box to safely store a spare house key. You can give us the location of the lock box and the code, and we will provide the rescue personnel with that information to get into your home without causing damage. We can also provide alarm codes, information about pets on the premises and any other information that can help them to get to you quickly and safely. During your intake, our Customer Service team will gather all pertinent information and keep it on your account.
  • If I accidentally set off the alarm, what do I do?"
    If you accidentally set off the alarm, simply notify the Emergency Operator when they respond that “THIS IS A FALSE ALARM”. The operator will disconnect, and no further action will be taken.
  • Does the wrist button strap contain any latex?
    No. The 3rd Act Wrist Button is silicon based and does not contain any latex content.
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